December Review: Screaming Eagles

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December record: 3–6-1-0 ⬇️
Pre-December record: 13-12-1-1

December point%: 0.350 ⬇️
Pre-December point%: 0.519

December goals for average: 2.3 ⬇️
Pre-December goals for average: 3.81

December goals against average: 3.9 ⬇️
Pre-December goals against average: 4.18

December penalty minutes average: 12.7 ⬇️
Pre-December penalty minutes average: 14.59

December home record: 1-3-1-0 ⬇️
Pre-December home record: 7-5-1-0

December away record: 2-3-0-0 ⬇️
Pre-December away record: 6-7-0-1

December average attendance: 2,708 ⬆️
Pre-December average attendance: 2,577

December power play: 19.5% ⬇️
Pre-December power play: 26.8%

December penalty kill: 80.0% ⬇️
Pre-December penalty kill: 83.2%




December leading scorer: Phélix Martineau (9)
Pre-December leading scorer: Drake Batherson (37)

December leading goal-scorer: Phélix Martineau (6)
Pre-December leading goal-scorer: Drake Batherson (17)

December leading penalty minutes: Declan Smith, Yegor Sokolov & Sacha Roy (13)
Pre-December leading penalty minutes: Jordan Ty Fournier (51)

December best plus-minus: Peyton Hoyt (+1)
Pre-December best plus-minus: Peyton Hoyt & Ian Smallwood (+1)

December worst plus-minus: Olivier Bourret (-10)
Pre-December worst plus-minus: Yegor Sokolov (-20)

December leading shots: Phélix Martineau (42)
Pre-December leading shots: Leon Gawanke (84)




December games played: Kyle Jessiman (6)
Pre-December games played: Kyle Jessiman (17)

December record: Kyle Jessiman (2-4)
Pre-December record: Kyle Jessiman (7-8)

December minutes: Kyle Jessiman (359:54)
Pre-December minutes: Kyle Jessiman (946:31)

December goals against: Kyle Jessiman (65)
Pre-December goals against: Kyle Jessiman (21)

December goals-against-average: Kyle Jessiman (3.50)
Pre-December goals-against-average: Kevin Mandolese (3.63)

December shots against: Kyle Jessiman (196)
Pre-December shots against: Kyle Jessiman (442)

December save%: Kyle Jessiman (0.893)
Pre-December save%: Kevin Mandolese (0.892)

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